quinta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2015

Fluid tension of modern fiction

Photo composition A. Grimaldi 2012

"Fluid tension of modern fiction Tied up drawers, corners and alcoves, return to the bin what is governed by the ‘rule of law’, the whole mess visible that irritates, and all the things that annoy; pinned my soul.

There will be a day when I pretend cleaning shelves and just dust off the postponed powder, useless at that moment.  How about clothes that we don't wear anymore?

Old shoe? If doesn’t fit on my foot is because no more follows the footsteps of its moment. Isn't that right? So, in that way, I must order my thoughts. But, in this arrangement comes a creeping doubt: ` I always find a little thing or another, `That thing might will serve in the future`. "I wonder if I will still use"?! But in fact, deep down the soul, I know that satisfaction from the past no longer will serve into the present.
Timely cleanup Saturdays, those, I return to the misunderstanding of this modern fiction… The drawer is me, the movable color of the season. Sometimes, lost in the bin of many brackets, I find myself hermit, pensively in distant cave. I recognize my echo in the clutter of many belongings, which were useful to me one day…”
Melbourne, 2015
Amalia Grimaldi


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